Saturday, May 5, 2012

Morgan Takes His Sister to Show and Tell

Morgan was taking his sister to her classroom this morning. His father usually drove them to school and walked them in, but this morning things would be different.
“You can walk your sister to her classroom this morning, Morgan,” His father told him. “I have to be at work early for a conference.”
“But Dad!” Morgan said.

Morgan’s father placed his hand on Morgan’s shoulder. “Morgan, you’re twelve years old now. You are old enough to take some responsibility for your sister.”
“But she’s silly,” Morgan said.
Morgan’s mother was listening. “She’s only six years old, Morgan. Not almost grown up, like you,” she said, with a smile.
Morgan turned to his sister. “Hurry up and get ready,” he said. His sister stuck her tongue out at him.
When they got to school, Morgan’s father kissed both children goodbye and told them to “Have a good day.” Then he drove off towards his office building.
Morgan reached down to take his sisters hand, but it wasn’t there. He looked down. There was a cat beside him.
“Where did you come from? Where is my sister?” Morgan said, looking at the orange and white cat, and then all around.
“Right here,” the cat said.
“What!” Morgan said.
“I decided to be a cat,” his sister said.
“Shareronnnnn!” Morgan said, “Stop being silly! You can’t go into school if you’re a cat.”
“Okay, I’ll be a dog,” his sister said, and turned into a cute, brown puppy, with floppy ears and a waggly tail.
“Nooooooo!” Morgan said. “The school doesn’t allow dogs either.”
“Well, how about a monkey?” Sharon said, and presto! She became a monkey, with black eyes and a long, curling tail. She hopped all around Morgan, and finally jumped on his shoulder.
“I can turn into anything,” she said, making a funny monkey smile.
Morgan was starting to worry. He’d been given the responsibility for getting his little sister to class and if she kept being silly they’d be late.
“Sharon, please just be a little girl, so we can get into school,” Morgan pleaded.
Sharon sat on Morgan’s shoulder, her long tail wrapping around his neck. She scratched her head vigorously. “Well, I could turn into an elephant, if you want me to,” she said, and then let out a, “Whoop, whoop, whoop!”
“No!” Morgan said quickly. If she turned into an elephant he’d never get her into school. Plus, she’d squish him.
Morgan thought and thought. What should he do?
“I bet you can’t turn into a mouse,” he said.
“Can, too, Sharon said.
“Bet you can’t,” Morgan said.
“How much you bet?” Sharon said, and jumped down to the ground.
“I’ll bet you a whole chocolate cake,” Morgan said.
“Squeak!” Sharon said, and turned into a little brown mouse, with a pink nose decorated with lots of white whiskers. A long grey tail trailed behind her.
Morgan quickly grabbed the mouse and shoved it into a pocket of his backpack. “Hey,” squeaked Sharon. “Let me out! Squeak! squeak! squeak!”
“Not now, Sharon,” Morgan said. We have to get in school. We are going to be late. And he hurried into the school.
Morgan decided that he would go to his class first, because he didn’t know what to do about Sharon. He couldn’t go to her class and walk up to her teacher, Mrs. Slovbotnik, and say, “Here’s Sharon,” and hand her a mouse.
He walked into his class and the teacher, Mrs. Volasko, said, “Morgan, you are just in time. We are having Show and Tell and it is your turn.”
“Oh!” said Morgan. He’d forgotten that today was Show and Tell. He hadn’t brought anything. “Uh,” he said, shuffling his feet.
“Come on, Morgan, we can’t wait forever,” Mrs. Volasko said.
“Well,” Morgan said, “I brought my little sister for Show and Tell,” and he reached in the pocket of his backpack and pulled out Sharon.
All the kids laughed, especially the boys. “Ha! ha! ha!”
Morgan held Sharon in the palm of his hand and held her out to show the class.
“What can you tell us about your mouse, Morgan,” his teacher said.
“Well,” Morgan said. “It’s a small, brown, mouse.”
“We can see that,” Morgan, the teacher said. “Where did you get this mouse?”
“Uh, in my house,” Morgan said.
The kids laughed again. “Morgan has mice in his house,” one of the boys said.
“That’s enough, children,” Mrs. Volasko said. But the boys and girls were laughing so loud it scared Sharon, and she jumped right out of Morgan’s hand and ran across the floor.
Morgan ran after her, but Sharon was too fast. She ran weaving between the boys and girls in the class.
“EEEEEK!” the girls screamed, jumping up on their desks.
“Morgan!” Mrs Volasko, shouted, “Get your mouse right this minute!”
“I’m trying, Mrs Volasko.”
“Open the door and let it out!” one of the boys shouted.
“NO!” Morgan shouted. But if was too late. The door was opened, and Sharon ran out and scurried down the hall.
“Don’t let her into the daylight!” shouted Morgan, running down the hall after his sister.
The whole class was running down the hall after the mouse. Morgan saw that the doors at the end of the hall leading to the playground were closed. “Now we’ll get her,” he said.
But the mouse scooted right under the doors.
Morgan came to a screeching halt at the doors, with all his classmates behind him. “Open the door Morgan!” they shouted. But Morgan was afraid to open the door.
Mrs. Volasko came up and said, “Where is your mouse, Morgan.?”
Morgan pointed under the door. He had a very funny expression on his face.
“Well, let’s see if we can find it,” Mrs Volasko said, and opened the doors to the playground.

And this is what Morgan saw.

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